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Powerful Monitoring tool to monitor your kids or employees PC activities-

  • Record all keystrokes
  • Logs typed URLs
  • Records emails and chats
  • Password protected
  • Send log file via E-mail

Keylogger Software is specially designed to secretly monitor and log all typed keystrokes, which includes visited web links, web searches, typed chat messages, username/passwords, email details etc in encrypted log files with option to automatically send log details at specified email id. Invisible keylogger with intelligent stealth technology runs underneath the Operating system as background process to detect online-offline user activities on your computer system. PC monitoring program offers you all advanced features with simple operation and flexible configuration in cost effective manner.

Software Features:
  • Record every detail of PC and internet activity performed by unauthorized user on your computer when you are away.
  • Provide details of each key pressed along with date and time of each session.
  • User can easily generate report of all keystrokes in .txt or .html file format.
  • Facilitates users to send recorded log files to defined e-mail address at particular interval of time.
  • Software works in either standard or hidden mode as per user choice and requirement.
  • Password protected feature restricts unauthorized users to access and read the activity reports.
  • Software can easily be accessed through hot key combination or run command settings when running in stealth mode.
  • Allows users to view each input keystroke or only printing keystrokes.
  • Hidden monitoring tool is not listed in Add/Remove Program list, Program files menu, Desktop items and also will not appear in installation path.
  • Allows you to establish full control over PC and easily bypasses all major anti-keyloggers.
  • Interactive and user-friendly interface with self-explanatory steps is very simple to use from novice to professionals.

Uses of Keylogger Software

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