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Keylogger software is useful for

Keylogger software is useful for

System Administrators

Allows administrators to keep track on all computer activities to have a top-level view of everything they do at the PC and on internet.

Employee Monitoring

Easily find out what employees are doing throughout the day, Are they wasting time in surfing inappropriate sites, engaged in personal chats or leaking sensitive information.

Parental Control

Automatically record children’s PC activities to tell you what they are doing on MySpace+Facebook, chatting with strangers or playing games.

Schools and Colleges

Capable to monitor student’s computer activities to inform you about everything that is done on system or internet.

Internet Cafe’s

Monitors all internet activities and let you find out, what users are doing on their PC.

Other Surveillance Purposes

All-in-One keylogger is perfect surveillance solution to keep eye on external user activities weather at home or in office with superior stealth feature.

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