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Computer monitoring software with log email and screenshot recording-

  • Capture screen snapshots
  • Record clipboard contents
  • Logs sound activities
  • Email log files
  • Children and employee monitoring.

Advance keylogger software not only logs keyboard typed characters but also captures Windows screenshots, clipboard contents and sound activities of your PC during specified time intervals in stealth mode. Best keystroke recorder utility helps to keep you up to date with what was going on your computer in your absence over the past day, week, month or several months. Provides video-style playback tool to see everything users do on the system even when no keys were pressed and save the records in log files to be send at specific mail address. Most effective solution for exposing unauthorized PC access, monitoring employee’s internet activities, spouse unfaithfulness, secret surveillance purposes etc.

Invisible Keylogger Features:

  • Optimal Stealth Mode – Offers unmatchable stealth mode feature to assure you that no one can detect the presence of software running as a background process on your Laptop system.
  • Time Stamped Recordings – Provides detailed report along with time stamp and active window title, hence every detail is just a click away from you!
  • Hot key accessibility – User can easily access the software running in stealth mode by setting hot key or run command accessibility.
  • GUI Interface – Highly interactive GUI interface allows users to familiarize with the software features in no time.

Security Features:

  • Unbeatable Stealth Mode – Stealth mode feature ensures that the software is completely hidden from everyone and will not appear in Desktop, Start Menu, Add-Remove Program List.

  • Encrypted Log Files – Record and save user computer activities in encrypted log files.

  • Password Protection – Software is password protected hence can only be accessed by authorized user.

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