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Advance keylogger Software Features

Kelogger Software helps to monitor

Easy to Install

Install keylogger software on the computer you wish to monitor and start receiving recorded logs through emails or upload the log file via FTP server even if you are thousand miles away.

Captures Screen Snapshots

Facilitates you to visually record everything performed online or offline on PC just like a surveillance camera taking snapshots at regular interval of time.

Record clipboard activity

Records all clipboard (copy-paste) activities in txt format.

Record sound activities

Records sound activities including played songs, voice chat conversations etc.

Keystoke Recorder

Easily record every key typed on the PC keyboard to let you know what was typed and when it was typed.

Internet activities recording

Continuously monitor every web page accessed, temporary files, cookies on your computer and save the record of web links and URL’s.

Application Monitoring

Automatically track every program running on the computer and shows keystrokes details and time stamp of each launched application.

Chat and Email

Provides you records of all chat conversations and outgoing e-mails.

Report Generation

Easily generate report of recorded data in txt or html file format.

Viewing Backup Activities

Provides backup of recorded system/internet activities for future reference.

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