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Keylogger Software helps to monitor

Kelogger Software helps to monitor

Children’s PC activities:

System Usage
Will let you find, what your kids are doing on computer? Are they playing games instead of doing their homework?

Internet Usage
Enables you to find out if your kids are involved with inappropriate web activities or chatting too much with strangers in your absence.

Employee PC activities:

System Usage
Logs all documents and files used by employees and let you know if they are selling Company’s secrets to third party.

Internet Usage
Invisibly record employee’s internet activities and tell you if they are surfing irrelevant websites or chatting during their working time.

What can you do with KeyLogger software?

Keylogger software allows you to track and record any operation including keyboard typed characters, web-mails, applications, visited websites, chat conversations etc on your computer in the hidden log files. Safely runs in complete stealth to tell you the truth about what external users are doing on your PC when you are away and remains untouched by current users.

Free Download Award Winning Software Evaluation!

Download freeware evaluation version of PC monitoring utility to test, evaluate and get complete understanding of features and functionality before you make confident decision to purchase full version of software.

Safe to Install and Run

Safe and secure evermade key logger software is free from viruses/spywares and will never interrupt any other running software on your computer system. Provide you complete solution to detect and record PC activities of your family members or employees when you are away.

Why You Should Try KeyLogger Software?

Would you like to know what your children’s are doing late night on computer? Do you want to know what your employees are doing when they are supposed to work? Keylogger software can answer to all these questions by providing ultimate solution to monitor and record everything done on your PC. Best monitoring tool will solve all your worries related to home or office within a minute.

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